Saturday, 6 December 2014

How To: Study/My Tips


       It's that time of year again, while people are frantically shopping and children are singing in winter choirs.... university students are faced with finals. Since it is my fourth and final year of my undergrad, I have managed to pick up some tricks that really help me get through long study sessions and I would love to share them with you all. Remember we all have our own study habits so what works for me may not work for you, but feel free to share your tricks and suggestions in the comments! 

1. Coloured Pens and Highlighters  
                  These are a must to help me organize and seprate  not just each subject but each chapter or lecture within a subject. Helps my thoughts stay collected when I see them organized by colour. 

2. Sticky Notes
                 I like to make my 'to-do' lists on here for each day. I like to write what I hope to accomplish for that day. I also stick one of these on each page in my textbooks and summarize on that sticky note what that page just informed me of. Keeps you from highlighting in your textbooks and raises their re-sell value! 

3. Headphones 
                I don't know about you, but I have to listen to music while studying. (not reading, just note making) I couldn't include this in my photo but I have become obsessed with the website 8tracks which is an infinite music playlist website that suggests to you mixes of music that users have put together and you choose your genre. For studying I always click on 'sleepy, studying, relaxed, chill, calm, weed (don't judge me), and love' I have learned about so many underrated artists and songs through this website! I love it!! 

4. Glasses 
              I try to avoid contacts during studying because starring at pages and/or screens for several hours can dry out my contacts super quick and it makes me uncomfortable, and helps me keep my eyes open! 

5. Flash Cards 
               Many hate these cards but I learn better when I write stuff down, I like to spend the day before my exam quizzing myself over and over again using the cards I just made. Only make these when you are studying several days in advance. If you're cramming the night before they will waste your time. 

6. Chips 
              I don't have a good reason to include these guys... other than I love chips and they make me happy and when you're happy your brain is more likely to function properly :) #justified 

7. Tea 
              I've been drinking coffee more these days (I barely used to drink it) but I become so jittery and my heart races so fast whenever I do drink it, so I prefer to stick to my tea, especially peppermint tea. The peppermint is calming (and we are never calm during finals) and if you are like me and become super nauseous when stressed, peppermint helps get rid of nausea. 

8. Fruit & Trailmix 
              I have to eat while studying, and as much as I love chips, they do make me feel bloated when I eat them too much so snacking on veggies or fruits is the way to go, I usually like clementines or apples (but we currently only have bananas.... not my fav) and my mom has made me obsessed with trail mix. Salty and Sweet in one handful.. you can't beat that. However, at the moment I only have the middle-eastern version of trail mix a.k.a no fruit....just nuts. 

10. Portable Tooth-brush 
               Finally, a tooth brush. I am obsessed with brushing my teeth after everything I eat, I carry a mini toothbrush and toothpaste everywhere with me. Brushing my teeth really wakes me up and helps me feel re-charged and re-freshed. Give it a try and you'll see what I mean ;) 

**I hope some of you found these tips helpful, maybe you use them already or have some of your own, feel free to share as always :) 


  1. Great tips, I should be studying now but Im so distracted!! lol

    Good luck on your exams my friend <3

    1. thank you Mariam, good luck to you as well <3

  3. To do lits have helped me a lot to manage my task and make my ideas clear, thanks for this tips!


  4. These tips are so helpful...I wish i had stumbled on them earlier. Great blog!xx