Tuesday, 16 December 2014

My Winter Beauty and Lifestyle Must Haves!


Winter/December is my favourite time of year, I hope you guys enjoy this post where I am just showing you what I religiously love to use through out the winter xox 

I love perfume and Chanel Chance to me is perfect for winter. I got this last year for my birthday (which just passed) so it reminds me of December and it is a heavy musky scent that reminds me of cold dark nights. Marc Jacob's Dot is a perfume I just got last week for my birthday and I do think it is more of a summery light scent, but it is my favourite scent right now and I know every time I smell it from now on it will link me to December. 

If you are like me and have dry skin, then taking care of your skin is essential. This Aveeno Clear complexion moisturizer is a must to keep my face hydrated. I use it as a morning time and night time moisturizer. I also have to exfoliate almost every day and I still use my DIY facial scrub which you can click here to see. I love this body shop body butter for all over my body after showers. No ghostly knees or elbows this winter for me! haha  

I know this isn't the best photo but I promise I'll have more blog posts coming up showing off these colours better soon! This cover girl lipstick in "Euphoria" is the perfect cool deep wine colour for me. The second one is my everyday Lancome lipstick in "perfect kiss" It is a dark mauve colour (a good kylie Jenner dupe in my opinion!) I have been wearing it almost every day! 

When I can paint my nails, this is my go-to look for this time of year! I paint all my nails in the Sally Hansen "Ruby Do" and then my ring fingers in the Sally Hansen "Golden Rule" 

I live in fuzzy socks all winter long! I wear them at home and even over my regular socks when I am going out to stay extra warm while waiting around for buses at uni. anddddd I love leg warmers, they just look cute with boots and sweaters :) 

I love big loop scarves in the winter and this one is from Aldo with the matching maroon gloves that let you use your smartphone while still wearing gloves. Best. Invention. Ever! 

Let me know what you guys use all winter long! Hope you guys enjoyed and Stay warm xox 


  1. Love this post and the pics are cute! The lipsticks are such nice colours for this time of year, especially the lancome one! Also the nail polishes make a great combo! I love the holidays, I just want to go skating!

  2. I love the perfume! Marc Jacobs and Chanel are definitely at the top of my beauty list this year! Lovely post! xx

    <(') Hoda | JooJoo Azad

  3. ouhh I like the lipsticks color <3

  4. Those lipsticks are gorgeous..I think their the type of colour that look great on everyone! :)x

  5. Great post, Love the lipstick colours and the Sally hansen Nail polish looks gorgeous.

  6. Thanks hun for leaving a lovely comment! New follower Xoxo

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    1. Hello Sophia!! thank you so much, and yes of course ive followed you back on all the above!
      Thanks for your support <3