Thursday, 17 July 2014

Hijab Haul & Review

Salam Everyone!! 

    I hope everyone is still having a blessed Ramadan. I've recently been on the hunt for new hijabs and I just haven't been able to find any I like in stores so I decided to go online! I have been following the company House of Hayaa on Instagram for months now and I finally decided to place my very first order from them and Alhamdiallah I am very pleased and impressed with the quality and service. What drew me to this company the most out of all the hijab companies I follow on Instagram is the countless good reviews they get and the amazing deals and prices. Currently House of Hayaa is offering an extra 10% coupon for Ramadan. Like I said they offer amazing deals for hijabs with an amazing selection, so I highly recommend you check 
out their instagram page or their website for all the products they sell! I picked out 7 beautiful hijabs in different colours and with the extra 10%, I ended up paying 18 pounds which ends up being approx. 33 Canadian dollars. Despite my order being international, I recieved my package within 4 business days, I was extremely impressed with that! Below I've attached pictures of all the hijabs I purchased. So like I said if you're looking for new hijabs or any hijab accessories defiantly give this company a try and take advantage of the great deals they are currently offering for Ramadan! :) 

They are even sending delicious complementary dates with any order! :) 

Raspberry Red Maxi Scarf 
Light Cream Maxi Scarf 
Hot Pink Maxi Scarf

Pistachio Green Plain Maxi Scarf
Peach Maxi Scarf
Purple Maxi Scarf
Coral Maxi Scarf
        I've already worn two of the hijabs and I got two compliments from complete strangers while wearing my purple scarf. They are super light and perfect for the summer! Heres another link to their website

and make sure to check them out on instagram

and you can follow me on instagram as well 


  1. These look so nice and plain hijabs are right up my alley. I just wish I could get used to styling my hijab different! These would look amazing if I could but I suck at getting out of routines :(

    1. you gotta try it sometime :D as my mom always tell me "the only reason you dont think it looks good is because its foreign to you" so just try wearing your hijab differently one day and even if it makes you feel a little uncomfortable try to stick with it, then the next time you go to try it, it wont look so different :) but dont worry i go through routines with hijabs and hijab styles all the time. Every once in a while i'll stick to one or two hijabs that I just cant stop wearing lol then i'll eventually move on to another hijab :p

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