Tuesday, 8 July 2014


Salam 3lykom Everyone, 

          First off Ramadan Kareem to each one of you! I just wanted to make a quick post and basically express in writing my absence from blogging (mainly for myself, sometimes you just got to let it out!) My last post was in May which was right before the stress from my summer uni courses kicked in. This is my first time taking two courses in the summer and I've been basically working full-time hours (alhamdiallah, can't complain about that) however, with that being said, I seem to have forgotten how to balance work and school and well eventually like any normal human being my efficiency in work and school began to suffer. That has totally brought me down, and basically the last thing on my mind was my hobbies. I wanted to blog more than anything but I had to step back and think to myself ... "why do I want to blog so badly?" and let me tell you, it wasn't because I wanted to... but rather because I felt like I had this non-existent pressure placed on me forcing me to blog. Thankfully I've snapped out of it and realized "Hey! blogging is my hobby and I will never let it turn into something I have to do" So here I am still trying to gain my balance between work and school back and waiting for that spark to come back that I've had for blogging in the last year. 

For all my fellow uni/school students out there, how were you able to find and maintain that balance between school and work or school and life? I could really use some tips! 

JAK for any future advice and Inshallah everyone's having a blessed Ramadan!


  1. It's so nice to see you posting again! And yah girl, its a hobby so don't make it stress you out too much. In the end its a great form of release! Being able to write and blurb about anything is great. I'm starting to feel the same way but more about the content. I start writing these life blurb posts just to vent and then I'm like maybe I shouldn't post these because I mainly post about makeup. It's silly lol

    1. hahaha i love all your makeup posts, and post whatever your heart desires, for me i want to make sure my blog is about anything and everything i dont want it focusing on one thing only, you can do that with that too, i love your little life posts mixed in with the makeup posts! like you said its a hobby we can choose what to do with it :)

  2. Glad to see your back to blogging!
    I cant wait for your future posts, I would love to see some Eid posts :)


    1. thank you! i hope to be posting more about Eid when it comes too inshallah! :)
      i just checked out your blog, i absolutely love it!!
      thanks for the comment xox