Sunday, 13 October 2013

Night Time Thoughts

            Isn't it crazy how we become the most intellect thinkers at night? How our stress levels seem to rise once our heads are on our pillows? We become vulnerable souls as soon as we lay our tired, aching bodies on our beds. It seems that all our fears, worries, or dreams surface when the moon is most visible. A lot of us may have this in common, but our thoughts, our worries, our fears and our dreams differ. There is no one out there that is sharing your exact thoughts. Isn't that scary? How can we possibly unravel ourselves to another person when we know that no matter how hard we attempt to describe and explain our thoughts they just wont get it.  
           "I understand" or "I know what you mean" is the last thing we want to hear from someone that has not been in the same situations as us. So where does that leave us? Are we destined to have lingering thoughts forever? Will we ever find someone to truly understand and accept us? 
Maybe we are searching in all the wrong places. The one to help us extends beyond our world. The one to help us transcends humanity. The one is Allah. I myself am in need of a constant reminder to turn to the one that will always be there for me, the one that will listen, the one that will have time for my cries, the one that understands us because he placed us in our situations for reasons we will soon find out. He is the one that is most merciful, and he is the one that truly deserves our hearts
So I'll end this with a reminder to all and mostly to myself; Turn to Allah before you turn to anything or anyone else

For anyone that has helped me and held me through my tears, Thank you


  1. Nice post,Yes The life is a test,in which every soul is giving different situations and different timings,And different problems,but the solution to every problem is same which is The creator.And yes "Die before u die " /turn to ALlah before u return to Allah. To him we belong to him we return. We all feel lonely at times,no one cares for us,feeling sad broken bt in difficult times remembering Creator gives patience and Peace

    1. you are absolutely right, there is something so... soothing and heart warming about crying out " ya Allah" or "ya rab" through our tears. this wave of calm hits me every time I cry to him and it reminds me i have come to the right place, JAK for your comment i enjoyed reading your thoughts :)