Monday, 1 July 2013

Why Blog?

For a long time i've been the girl sitting at home following all her favourite Blogs and reading all about the blogger's lives and the adventures they live. They have so much to say about so many different topics and I find myself agreeing and disagreeing with so many subjects. I kept asking myself after each read; "why don't you share your opinion?" but something always answered back "no one cares".... sad, I know. Now do not be quick to pity me I know I can't be the only girl living in her bedroom having these thoughts. So what changed? Why am I suddenly writing my very first blog post? 
Answer: Because I care. 
If I care enough about my thoughts and opinions then maybe someone else will too. Now if you are looking for a blog to discuss  politics then you may as well stop reading now, because you are in the wrong place. I've always been a private person when it comes to my political views and I personally like to keep it that way. 
I may however voice my belief for human equality. This to me is a simple subject. If you are human then you deserve to live in a safe and resourceful community. I am also a proud follower of Islam and you may see that sneak into a few blog posts here and there. I want to just share all the little things I find exciting with the world, no one has to read my blog but putting it down in writing for myself is enough to make me happy. I want to share my dreams, my aspirations, I want to share my fashion, my style, my life.Who knows how far this will take me, or how long this will go on, but I am willing to figure it out. 
If you want to know more about myself .... then yes, I recommended you stay for a bit. 


  1. Assalamu alaykum wa rahmtllah sister, What a nice introduction to why you started your blog.

    1. W3lykom 3l Salam sis! Thank you for kind and encouraging comment! :)

  2. Salam sis, Islam is a very beautiful religion.. Sometimes people are so quick to judge the whole Muslim community after one does something terrible, yet does not see that Islam is kind and peaceful.
    I just started my blog recently as well. Ramadhan Kareem, sis <3

    follow and spread the word? i would be really grateful..

    1. Salam! It's very true, the best way to change peoples view of islam is through our actions and behaviour :) thanks for the comment and i followed your blog! good luck :)