Saturday, 6 July 2013

Outfit Of The Day: Sunfest 2013

Good Morning Everyone! 

       This Thursday my little town here in Canada kicked off its annual Sunfest, where it is a huge park filled with food vendors/trucks and people selling lovely clothes, jewellery and art from different cultures. I went with my best friends and although it was crowded we made the best of it and had a great time, Here is what I wore 

  • Hijab from Ardene on sale for $3.50 
  • Maxi Dress from Old Navy for $29.99 
  • Denim Jacket from H&M for $34.99 
  • Sandals from random boutique in the U.S of A for $11.00 
  • Wrislet/Wallet By Steve Madden from The Bay on sale for $14.99 

Hope you're all having a lovely summer so far! 
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  1. Nice outfit mashaaAllah. I think with abayah's and maxi dresses you can hardly ever go wrong.

    1. i absolutely agree! very cool in the summer and easy to slip on :)